Episode 313: The 6 Needs of Kids with Amy Olrick

In The 6 Needs of Every Child: Empowering Parents and Kids through the Science of Connection, Amy Olrick and her husband invite parents to stop treating parenting as a job, and to instead embrace it as a journey. They draw from psychological research, neuroscience, and their own stories as parents to identify 6 relational needs for human growth that form the foundation of successful parent-child relationships. They integrate the science of connection with practical tools, and they show why it’s more important to be present than perfect if we want to raise healthy, resilient kids.

Amy Olrick is an author and a techie who has spent her professional life working with organizations to build social movements grounded in the ethic of love. Together, they run GrowingConnected.com, where they offer scientifically-grounded and faith-informed resources and support for parents.