Episode 154: Gestational Surrogacy with Betsy Keller


You guys asked, and I have delivered! You were incredibly moved by my interviews with Kelsey Nixon (listen here and here), and after hearing about her story of growing their family through gestational surrogacy, you wanted to hear from Betsy, her carrier. So, let me introduce you to Betsy Keller, the Wonderwoman who carried Kelsey and her husband Robby’s, baby. After having 6 kids of her own, she shares how she decided to offer to help them grow their family, the emotional rollercoaster of actually getting pregnant and how this has changed her life and her perspective. Such a fascinating look into a world many of us are totally clueless about. Betsy is truly extraordinary!


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Show Notes:

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Check out Kelsey’s Instagram (Betsy’s is private)

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