Episode 182: Seeking More than Fun in Life with Brooke Romney

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If you’re like me, a common question you ask your kids when you pick them up from somewhere is, “Did you have fun?” We hardly think twice about it. But what is that question actually teaching them? That they are entitled to non-stop entertainment? That if it’s not fun, then something’s wrong? That it’s not okay for some things to be dare I say, boring? Brooke Romney wrote a fabulous article about this topic and we get into that and much more in today’s conversation. She’s also a boy mom, which I love, and I  know you’re going to love our conversation.


Show Notes:

Check out her Instagram and blog: www.brookeromney.com
Here is also a link to all the articles that have been published on Deseret News: http://www.deseretnews.com/author/23235/Brooke-Romney.html
 A list of over 100 books for boys recommended by boys and she is constantly adding and updating book recommendations. Link is here: http://brookeromney.com/2017/06/40-books-for-boys-recommended-by-boys-sorted-by-reading-abilitygrades-k-9/
Favorite books on my blog too. Link is here: http://brookeromney.com/category/books/for-me/

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