Episode 353: Rockstar Women’s Basketball Coach Brooke Wyckoff


Today my guest is Brooke Wyckoff. This past year, Brooke had the opportunity to serve as our Interim Head Coach while our regular head coach Sue Semrau took a single-season leave of absence to care for her mother (her mother is thankfully in remission from ovarian cancer). Not only did Brooke gain experience as a first-time head coach (after 10 years of being an assistant coach), she also tried to be another mouthpiece to speak out about various motherhood issues (work-life balance, the lack of quality maternity leave, encourage other Mothers that they can be a Division I Head Coach AND raise a family). Back in 2014, Brooke co-founded an organization called Moms in Coaching. This is a support group for mothers who are coaching but are unsure if they can be full-time coaches and full-time moms. The motto lately from Brooke is that You can do both. Brooke has a beautiful seven-year old girl named Avery who was born in Nov. 2013. When Brooke was pregnant, she searched around campus for other Moms in athletics that she could bond with during her pregnancy, but there weren’t very many. That’s why she began to start her organization and make it more national. HER ORGANIZATION ALSO HAS THEIR OWN PODCAST AND JUST BEGAN SEASON

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