Episode 298: Behind the Scenes of our Quarantines with Ceri Payne

My guest today is Ceri Payne. Ceri created a successful life coaching practice while parenting three teenagers, teaching special education full-time, and supporting her husband in his demanding career. 

Ceri coaches mompreneurs in private one-on-one sessions to create the life they love while making money in their business/career. She teaches how to have both successfully, without sacrificing relationships, sleep, or motherhood.  Ceri helps clients identify their priorities, organize their time, create and plan schedules so they can make progress towards their goals in both their business and motherhood. 
Today we are giving an update on what you need to know about Covid-19 from my family member who is a pediatrician. Ceri and I continue on talking about how are lives look during the quarantine, our words of advice for overwhelmed homeschool moms, and her best tips for shifting your thinking during times like this. It’s a powerful, constructive episode that I hope you enjoy.


Show Notes: 

Free PDF – Ten Quarantine and Mother Approved Service Ideas that Support Academic Learning  https://organizedlife.coach/freebie-service/

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I’m offering a free life coaching session for people during this time of uncertainty.  If they would like to take me up on that opportunity they can schedule with me at https://calendly.com/ceri-1

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