Episode 115- Chasing Slow with Erin Loechner


Today I’m speaking with the extraordinary Erin Loechner. In addition to be a popular blogger, she most recently wrote her first book, “Chasing Slow,” which I devoured! It was soo, soo good and really spoke to the heart of someone who is trying desperately to live out their values. Our conversation covers everything about how she felt once her blog was getting big and she was living the good life in LA, to moving back to the midwest, and how she felt becoming a mom. If anyone has ever felt like they aren’t sure if they are cut out to be a mom, Erin feels your pain. She honestly shares how she has come to a place of peace and values-based living, where she prioritizes motherhood, while also pursuing her passions. This interview is one of my very favorites that I’ve done. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

Order “Chasing Slow” immediately

You can find Erin on her website Design for Mankind and Instagram

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