Episode 337: All Things Childbirth with OB/GYN Dr. Manijeh Kamyar

My guest today is the superwoman and OB/GYN Dr. Manijeh Kamyar. Manijeh Kamyar, MD, is a board-certified maternal–fetal medicine specialist and obstetrician–gynecologist at the High Risk Pregnancy Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a member of the YPC Editorial Task Force and a past member of ACOG’s Patient Education Review Panel. Drawn to medicine by her desire to serve others in a meaningful way, Dr. Kamyar considers it a gift to be able to help women navigate one of the most intimate and significant parts of their lives. She speaks both Spanish and English and is passionate about helping patients and their loved ones understand complicated and difficult topics, leaving her office not only with the information they need to care for themselves and make decisions but also a sense of calm and peace of mind. Dr. Kamyar’s interests include fetal anomalies, maternal diabetes and nutrition, and maternal substance abuse and use. As a specialist in high-risk pregnancies, she also sees patients for preterm labor, multifetal pregnancies, recurrent pregnancy loss, maternal cardiac conditions, and maternal thyroid disease.She also an extraordinary mom of two!

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