Episode 380: Insights on Behavior in Schools with Principal Dr. Karin Jakubowski

My guest is Karin Jakubowski. Dr. Jakubowski is a well-respected
international influencer on helping kids live
happier, healthier lives. She has touched
the lives of thousands of families in multiple
states with her ability to connect and help kids
experience success from challenging behaviors.
With a doctorate in Educational Leadership, and
nearly 20 years of experience in education as a
teacher, assistant principal and principal, she is highly
regarded as an educational game-changer.
Her insights have been featured in various media
outlets including The Washington Times and
Delaware State News and heard in multiple speaking
engagements internationally such as the National
Principals Conference and as far-reaching as India.
As an empowerment coach, she provides a framework
for parents who feel helpless when their child is
experiencing challenging problems at school or
home to experience the happy life they always
dreamed of.

Show Notes: 

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