Episode 22: Spending a Life Changing Year on a Sailboat with 5 Kids with Emily Orton

Today’s guest is Emily Orton. She is a mom of 5, including a daughter with Down Syndrome, and today we are talking about how their family took off on a sailing adventure from the Caribbean to NY with no previous sailing experience! (other than their prep for this trip). She is adventurous, intentional, and lovely. We also talk about the questions she asks her kids to make sure she’s tuned into their individual needs. Check out the questions below!

Show Notes:

Questions I rotate through and periodically ask my kids:

o  What are you interested in or curious about right now?

o  What do you want more of in your life?

o  What do you want less of?

o   If you knew you would succeed, what would you do?

o  What do you like so much that you’re willing to fail at first in order to get better? (*altered from our conversation, but a better question – my daughter is willing to fail at skateboarding, surfing and wrestling.  This is transferring to some academic areas now.  We can never progress if we aren’t willing to fail.)

o   If you had a room all to yourself in which to do whatever you wanted, what would you put in it?  

o   If you could instantly download any skill or ability into your brain—what would it be?

o  When you think about living on your own, what are you looking forward to?  What are you nervous about?

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