Episode 127: Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award Winners

You guys made it too hard for me to choose just one winner, so today I’m sharing with you two winners for our Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award.
static1.squarespaceThe first is Autumn Hodges. Autumn is a mom of four, survived solo parenting through med school and residency, and is now headed to Ethiopia alongside her husband as he does a medical mission job. Amazing! You can follow her journey on their blog and on Instagram.


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And secondly, we have Randa Canter. I received three nominations for Randa and as soon as we began speaking, I could see why everyone thought she was so extraordinary. We mainly focus on her journey with her last son, Parker, who was born with hydrocephalus and spina bifida. You’ll be amazed at the perspective she has and offers a lot of insights into how she wants people to view her son and how she is able to see the very best in him. You can see more about her family on Instagram.

These conversations served me well and I hope they will serve as an encouragement for you today.

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