Episode 14- Mothering Through a Cancer Diagnosis with Lesley Miller


I am so thrilled to bring you a really compelling interview today for Episode 14. Lesley Miller and I have never met in person, but from the second we started chatting, I knew she was an extraordinary mom and a truly special person. Lesley is a writer who contributes on the blog Coffe + Crumbs, as well as being the mom to two little ones and wife of 11 years to her husband. They live in Southern California, and while we do talk about her motherhood journey, we also focus a lot on how she managed to keep her marriage strong when her husband was diagnosed with cancer only three months after the birth of their first daughter. We talk about facing uncertainty, teaching your children about handling trials, and the best decision she made in her marriage. Enjoy my conversation with Lesley.

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Show Notes: 

Books we mentioned:

When Breath Becomes Air, Great with Child: Letters to a Young Mother,

The Fringe Hours

To know more about Lesley and to read some of her incredible writing, you can find her at Coffee +Crumbs, on Instagram, on Twitter @lesleymiller, and on her personal blog.

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