Episode 167: Re-visit with Andrea Williams of Tubby Todd


So glad to have Andrea of Tubby Todd back on the show for a re-visit. She tells us what she’s been up to, what surprises her most about her business, how she survived a month-long roadtrip in a motorhome, and her fav treat to sneak. So good. Always love chatting with Andrea! If you want more of Andrea’s story, check her out on Episode 20!

Show Notes: 

Definitely check out her amazing bath products at www.tubbytodd.com

Follow Tubby Todd on Instagram

She loves: 

The How I Built This Podcast (We recommend the Edible Arrangements and Barre3 eps)

Giada’s Chicken Piccata

Dark chocolate almonds and peanut butter cups from Trader Joes

Shopping at Madewell

Connect with Jessica:

Instagram//Facebook//Email: jessica@extraordinarymomspodcast.com