Episode 203: Mom of the Month Award


You guys made it too hard for me this month and I ended up selecting two winners for the Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award. The first, Niki Cooley, is a mom of three boys, including kindergarten-age twins who were born prematurely. In June, one of the twins was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has been in treatment ever since. Not only that, but the week after his first surgery, Niki gave birth to their third son. She’s a true warrior mom and is so deserving of this honor. Not only that, but after their plans to take a family Christmas picture didn’t work out, I surprise her with a family session with the incredible So Cal photographer and twin mom Carolyn Ruiz. Check out her amazing work on her website. She was so generous in donating this session. In case you want to donate to their Go Fund Me page, you can do so here.


Next, we have Abby Stimpson. Abby is a mom to FIVE amazing boys and sadly lost her twin girls halfway through the pregnancy. In addition, she was diagnosed with cancer last year and in addition to going through treatments, she has also had an uphill battle since a tough surgery right before Christmas. She is a beacon of hope and a physical reminder that what matters most is this moment and what is right in front of you! Thank you Prep Dish for gifting her with a year of monthly meal planning!

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