Episode 237: Special Needs and Positive Parenting Q&A with Jessica Lamb

Jessica Lamb is back to answer some specific questions related to behavior for both children with special needs and typical children. Here’s what we are covering today:

  1. We’ve all had that situation when we are out in public with our kids and they notice someone with a visible difference, or maybe they notice that another child is acting differently than they would expect. That may result in staring or they may ask a question that we don’t know how to respond to, or that is uncomfortable or insensitive. Help the mom listening who wants to learn how to handle that type of situation. And for the mom listening who has a child with a disability, what their role is.
  2. My child hits. How do I address this behavioral issue at different ages?
  3. Timeouts… do they work? Can you use them effectively? What can you do instead?

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