Episode 326: How to Find Gratitude in Circumstances that are Super Lame!

At this time of year when everyone is sharing how grateful they are, we can respond one of two ways:

  1. We love and are grateful for the blessings of others. We learn more about our fellow man through their gratitude. It can be a massive shift from the negativity that bombards our social media, and uplift our feeds!
  2. We might be in a hard space, and seeing the gratitude and blessings that overflow from the lives of others, might just be the thing that puts us over the edge of feeling terrible about our own lives or circumstances. When we are struggling, it can be genuinely hard to see others thriving and living the easy, peaceful, happy lives we long for.

I see both sides. That’s why today I want to talk about how we can feel gratitude even in the midst of pretty crummy circumstances. I’ll share some of the beautiful takeaways I’ve seen online from individuals sharing their losses, their hardships, their struggles, and remembering the blessings, beauty, lessons, and healing they’ve felt through them. I’ll even share why I’m grateful for my anxiety.

I hope you genuinely have a Thanksgiving filled with abundance and gratitude this year. We need it more than ever!

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