Episode 347: The Key to Never Giving Up with Caitlin Crosby

Today we are having on a favorite guest again, Caitlin Crosby. After turning in her manuscript for her new book, Caitlin found that she needed the words she wrote. After her husband wanted to separate, she needed to start a whole new life, moving to a new home with her kids, all during a pandemic. She used her book to practice what she preaches including using the journal prompts to help her grieve and grow. While she was recording the audio book, her husband came by to sign the forms to sell their house and in tears, Caitlin returned to the studio and reading what she wrote about love, strength and hope was exactly what she need to keep going. By setting daily positive intentions for mental healing, she is finding a new, thriving life. She found her inner warrior and is fighting for a life full of meaning.

Show Notes:

Check out more about Caitlin Crosby who founded The Giving Keys and her new book, Every Word Matters: The Key to An Intentional Life

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