Lena Fundraiser Update

I have been BLOWN away by the generosity of so many. Two weeks ago, we set out to raise money for Lena McArthur’s family, to send them on their dream Disney Cruise before her lung transplant. Thanks to the kindness of Etsy Seller Brianna at Words by Heart Co, she offered her beautiful “Breathe” necklaces at a reduced rate, so the proceeds could all go to raising money for Lena. I’m happy to report we sold 89 necklaces!

In addition to $30 of every necklace purchase going to our fundraiser, we had MANY straight donations, which allowed us to raise…


I just sent over that money to Lena’s husband last night, he booked their cruise, and they are setting sail on March 4 on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas! YOU did this. Every single one of you. Some of you I know, and most of you I don’t know. The fact that you would show up in this way blows my mind and really attests to the power of love and goodness. I couldn’t have done this on my own.

Next step…

The necklaces will be arriving in the next few weeks and you’ll be receiving an email on how to pick up your necklace in Camarillo OR you’ll be receiving it in the mail. We would LOVE it if you would take a picture of yourself wearing the necklace on social media and use the hashtag #BreatheforLena. We want Lena to see everyone wearing their necklaces in support of her.

Also, we ordered a few extra necklaces so if you want an extra, email me: jessicadahlquist@gmail.com.  We will be holding an incredible musical benefit in March in Camarillo, CA to continue raising funds to help cover costs associated with her transplant and we’ll also keep you updated on how to get in on that action! If you would like to donate to Lena directly going forward, you can do that via Paypal: mcarthursteveb@gmail.com.

Thank you so much to every one of you.