Episode 157: Re-visit with Savanna Tate


It is my honor to have Savanna Tate back on the show (she was episode 74). Back in the Fall, she was on the show to talk about her son Hayes overcoming cancer. But sadly, a few months later he passed away. Since then, she’s been extremely open about her road of grief and learning to live on in his memory. It’s been heart-wrenching, inspiring, faith-building, all the things… She’s really an extraordinary mom and it was so good catching up with her on the show today. Also, listen in for the custom song Songfinch wrote for her family and if you want a song for someone special, check out songfinch.com. You can also hear the song they wrote for my kids.

Show Notes:

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Check out the Hayes Tough Foundation

Connect with Jessica:

Instagram//Facebook//Email: jessica@extraordinarymomspodcast.com


I want to thank Songfinch for sponsoring this podcast. Songfinch is an amazing company that writes custom songs for any occasion. Each song is completely original and whether you choose a song written like a pop hit or a folk love song, it’ll tug at your heartstrings. Such a great idea for a gift for someone who has everything. The possibilities are endless… birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions… I had the best experience working with them and love the song they wrote about my boys so much. So head over to Songfinch and get your custom song started today!