Episode 376: Infertility, NICU Babies, and More with Heather Evans

My guest is Heather Evans. She battled infertility for 4 years and then became pregnant with boy/girl twins (Hannah and Gavin) via their fourth round of IVF and an egg donor. She went into premature labor and delivered them at 24 weeks, 1 day (1.5 pounds each). They spent four months in the NICU including 7 weeks on a ventilator, both had brain bleeds, multiple infections, my son had heart vessel surgery, and both twins came home on oxygen. Her son has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy (although he now walks, runs, etc. without even using his braces), and he had a selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery four years ago. Both twins have ADHD, Hannah is working through some sensory and social/emotional work, and Gavin gets PT/OT/speech. She is also a pelvic floor physical therapist which means one of her specialties is treating pregnant and post-partum women. She has two books called Learning to Breathe which is her NICU story. The most recent (just out a month!) is called the NICU Mama Survival Guide, and it combines her NICU experience with her knowledge as a pelvic health PT to guide mamas in their post-partum recovery WHILE their baby is in the NICU.

Show Notes: 
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