Special Episode: Losing Catherine in the Sandy Hook Shooting with Jennifer Hubbard

My guest today is the amazing Jennifer Hubbard, who is mom of two and the executive director of the Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary and Foundation. Jenny founded the organization in memory of her late daughter Catherine who was a victim of the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012.

Despite the tragedy of her daughter’s death, Jenny has been able to heal through her work on the sanctuary and the raising of her son, Fredrick, who is currently a high school senior.

Under Jenny’s leadership, CVH received a state conveyance of 34 acres of pristine farmland for the sanctuary’s use, raised nearly $7 million in funding and garnered the attention and support of nationally recognized organizations including the ASPCA, Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine and the Jane Goodall Foundation. The sanctuary is also currently working on expanding the sanctuary’s facilities to include a library, veterinary in-take facility and learning barn. You can find more information about current sanctuary projects here.

She is a warrior mother and for anyone feeling scared to send their kids to school, I hope this episode will remind you how crucial it is to LIVE! Jennifer is an inspiration and I’m grateful for the legacy of Catherine she is carrying on through her work with the Sanctuary.

Show Notes:

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