Episode 281: Believing You’re a Great Mom with Kathleen Whiting

Today my guest is the extraordinary Kathleen Whiting. Kathleen first came onto my radar when I began following her daughter Terah and her daughter Indy’s battle with cancer. You can listen to Terah on the show here. As I followed along with their hospital stay, a vibrant woman kept appearing, and that incredible, glowing woman was Kathleen. Come to find out, Kathleen had a very challenging journey with motherhood, involving being a single mom, working many jobs, and struggling to believe in her worth. Today we are chatting about that journey and learning from her experiences. We also hear from Terah at the end as she offers a tribute to her mom. I think we can all identify with being too hard on ourselves, and I hope this interview will serve you well in helping you to believe in your value and your effort.