Episode 346: Infertility with Megan Smalley

Today my guest is Megan Smalley. She is an infertility advocate and mom of three miracle boys. She released her debut book Give Grace in March, and in it Megan shares her journey of infertility and lessons she learned along the way to help others accept grace and heal during life’s toughest trials. At twenty-seven, Megan was told IVF would be her only chance to have a biological baby. Tragically, after he first round of IVF, Megan did not become pregnant after transferring their only three embryos, and their savings was completely spent. Two years later, Emily’s team at her online clothing shop, Scarlet & Gold, rallied together and helped put together the Give Grace campaign to raise money for another chance at IVF. The team designed products inspired by Emily’s story to sell, and paid for them to be produced, so that one hundred percent of the profit could go towards a second round of fertility treatments. Emily and her husband were given the answer to their prayers with one more chance to try IVF, and this time they welcomed twin boys. :+)


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