Episode 238: Living Your Purpose and Finding Peace in Your Final Days with Michelle Kaley


Today my guest is the truly extraordinary, Michelle Kaley. Her friend reached out to me to tell me some of her story and I knew she would be a guest like no other. Michelle is a mom of four, a dance teacher and studio owner, a light in her community, and two years ago she began her fight with cancer. A few weeks ago, she received some devastating news that her time left here on earth is short, and she was kind enough to spend an hour with me to share about her motherhood journey, what her cancer journey has looked like, what her life’s purpose has been, and what she wants to tell her kids and husband. Sorry for all the sobbing by me at the end!

Also, I didn’t do a closing to the show because it felt weird. Instead, I included a recording of a song I did for Michelle. Since we spoke, I couldn’t get the song, “It is Well with My Soul” out of my head. The lyrics of this song have never felt more true, and so I recorded it (in my garage) with a prayer in my heart for Michelle and her incredible family. I pray we can all have the peace of. knowing that the Lord is on our side, and every day is a gift. So much love to you, Michelle.


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