Episode 194: Living Free with Miranda Anderson

Miranda Anderson Headshot anderson-23

You guys are in for a treat today. For our season 2 closer, I am chatting with Miranda Anderson, of Live Free Miranda. She exudes positivity and her life revolves around joy and adventure. We chat about how she developed her creativity, how she downsized to a 1000 square foot home, what she thinks of comparison on social media, and the secret to her joy. It’s a fabulous conversation I know you’re going to love!

Show Notes: 

Link to her blog: livefreecreative.co/blog
More Than Enough Stuff introduction post: http://livefreecreative.co/2017/01/more-than-enough-stuff/
The Minimalism Category for more related posts: http://livefreecreative.co/minimalism/

Connect with Jessica:

Instagram//Facebook//Email: jessica@extraordinarymomspodcast.com