Episode 358: Teen Pregnancy with Nicole Lynn Lewis

My guest today is Nicole Lynn Lewis. In her book, “PREGNANT GIRL”, Lewis tells her story of being a Black teen mother who entered William & Mary College and graduated with honors four years later. Now the founder and CEO of the non-profit Generation Hope (which helps teen parents apply to and stay in college), Lewis writes with candor about the many hard choices she had to make about how to afford college and raise her daughter—and the many ways the higher education and financial aid systems are not built for student parents, especially parents of color. At a time when almost a quarter of college students are also mothers or fathers, PREGNANT GIRL is a moving illustration of how difficult it is to balance these two identities, and what changes could and should be made to help these student parents reach their goals.

Show Notes…

Get her book: PREGNANT GIRL: A Story of Teen Motherhood, College, and Creating a Better Future for Young Families, by Nicole Lynn Lewis 

Check her out the Generation Hope website www.generationhope.org/

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