Episode 289: What is Dyslexia with Phoebe Beacham

What do you know about Dyslexia? To be honest, prior to this conversation I didn’t know much. I thought it was a problem with switching letters around. What I didn’t know is that it is far more complicated than that, and the warning signs are often unrecognized and the after effects of unsupported dyslexia are devastating. Today I’m chatting with Phoebe Beacham, founder of Decoding Dyslexia Utah, and she shares about not only the work she is doing to raise awareness for this learning disability, but also how she has been affected by dyslexia personally. Fascinating and I hope you find this conversation helpful.

Show Notes: 

Phonemic awareness test developed by David Kilpatrick https://www.thepasttest.com/
Here is a link to his book that every teacher should buy and read