Episode 129: My Current Favorite Podcasts

You know I love podcasts… that goes without saying. But I’ve gone through waves of what I listen to. So here are a few of my very favorites in my queue lately. You can find all of these by searching for them in iTunes, but if there’s a website I will link to that below. What are your favorites:

Awesome with Alison: Every episode I am blown away by Alison’s vulnerability and value. I especially love Episode 5 where she shares “Top 5 Lessons Learned in 2016”. So good. The most recent one about money is really good too!

Making Oprah: So fascinating! I’m such an Oprah fan, so learning more about how the Oprah Show got started blew my mind! She’s so inspiring and this podcast is really well done. It’s only a few episodes, so it’d be a great for a road trip!

The Big Boo Cast: Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson are hilarious friends and Christian writers who literally just let us in on their phone conversations. They can talk about knee high stockings or the newest face mask they are trying out and it’s just delightful. Not for everyone, but it’s definitely for me.

The Popcast: Jamie Golden and Knox McCoy host this hilarious show. I love it because it makes you feel like what they are talking about is REALLY important. Jamie is sooooo funny and it’s a little edgy but completely clean which makes it a safe bet in the car with little ones. You’ll love it. Start with the Bachelor Preview 2017 episode.

The Lively Show: Jess Lively is one of my podcasting inspirations. The first half of her episodes are interviews with creative entrepreneurs and since she’s been on her trip around the world, she’s done more solo episodes and has been really introspective about life. I have loved every episode. Start with Erin Loechner’s episodes 184 and 185. She’s so amazing talking to Jess.

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey: I have listened to every single episode and I’ve loved them all so it’s hard to even know where to tell you to start. But I guess you could start with: 42 and 43 with Emily Lex, 72 with Rachel Hollis, and 134 with Tsh Oxenreider. I love her themes of friendship, faith, and vulnerability. She initially started by just interviewing friends (and she has some really amazing friends), but recently has gotten some bigger names. It’s light-hearted and inspiring girl talk. I would say this is my absolute favorite.

How I Built This?: Start with Kate Spade and Patagonia. This show chronicles how big businesses got their start. It’s fascinating hearing from the founders and learning how they started with nothing, not paying themselves, not having people call them back… and then boom! Look at them now! So interesting!

Coffee and Crumbs: Love this podcast, originating from the popular motherhood blog. Lesley Miller hosts the show, and you might remember her from being on my show on Episode 14. Each episode, she chats with other Coffee and Crumbs contributors to talk about all things motherhood. My favorite episode so far was Episode 24 about marriage. They were so open and honest, and it was a really valuable conversation to hear. They writers on the blog also just published a book that has gotten rave reviews. Congrats, ladies!

Power of Moms: Love the range of topics that they cover on this podcast. Pick around based upon your current season and you won’t be disappointed in the content. April and Saren’s passion for motherhood is evident and you’ll feel more empowered that you are doing a great job too.

Off Camera with Sam Jones: Love these interviews with celebs. It’s more than just pop culture. They talk about their upbringing, how they got to where they are, what they think about their work product and more. So interesting. Loved the ones with Dax Sheperd, Kristin Bell, Mindy Kahling, and Olivia Wilde.

The Life Coach School: Brooke Castillo has such a great way of explaining how the mind works and in every episode, she gives you tangible steps to improve your life and be mindful of the way you think. I’ve been so inspired by her work. And again, you can pick and choose the topics that are meaningful to you.

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