Episode 356: Why Keep a Reading Journal with Anne Bogel

My guest today is Anne Bogel, who is the creator of the Modern Mrs Darcy blog and host of the popular podcast What Should I Read Next?. This September, Anne is releasing her latest book My Reading Life: A Book Journal, which helps book lovers get more out of their reading lives.  “This journal is meant to capture the history of what you’ve read, to help you reflect on the books you are currently reading, and to help you plan for your future reading life,” said Anne. “I firmly believe that when you get more out of your reading life, your whole life is a little bit better. My hope is that this journal will help you both articulate your reading taste and broaden your literary horizons.” If reading is a priority for you, this journal would be a wonderful way to document your reading journey.

Show Notes: 

Anne’s Website: https://modernmrsdarcy.com/

Get her new book here



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