Episode 360: Are you Drowning? with Sally Clarkson

Sally Clarkson loves to find beauty in life, and to celebrate the joy of simple moments with her friends and family. She has authored 24 books, and crafted thousands of messages on her blog SallyClarkson.com and through her podcast, “At Home With Sally” (over 15 million downloads). She companions women as a voice of encouragement and inspiration. Out of a deep well of sympathy and compassion, her heart longs for others to know and feel the endless, generous, unconditional love of God. Flourishing as a woman is a repeated message that flows through her seasoned life and experience of walking with God for over 50 years. Her best friends are her husband, Clay, and her adult children, Sarah, Joel, Nathan and Joy, and her wonderful grandchildren. Her golden retriever, Darcy, is seen soaking up attention amidst it all. Sally lives between the stunning mountains of Colorado and the charming, interesting cobbled roads of Oxford, England. Today we’re talking about her new book “Help I’m Drowning!” You are going to love this conversation with the legendary Sally Clarkson.

Show Notes:

To learn more or purchase “Help, I’m Drowning,” visit https://sallyclarkson.com/books-1

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