Episode 13- How to listen to a podcast and favorite podcasts

When I posted the Mom Talk Monday on Instagram asking for your favorite podcasts, I got some great new ideas! Thanks for sharing what you listen to. In addition, I also found out that there are some of you who would LOVE to listen to the Extraordinary Moms Podcast, but you don’t know how! I was in your shoes not long ago, and once I figured out how to listen on my phone, the heavens parted and my household chores and drives to school have never been the same. I love podcasts, because they are shorter than an audio book and they allow me to listen to something engaging, informational, or inspirational while I complete my daily tasks. There are so many awesome podcasts out there, and I will share with you some of my favorites in a minute. But first… I need to teach you how to listen to a podcast. The problem is if you don’t know how to listen to a podcast… you can’t listen to the “How to Listen to a Podcast” episode. So in addition to this audio episode, I will also be sharing written instructions below. Hopefully that’s helpful. If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below.

iPhone Listeners

Easy Answer… Find purple podcast app on your phone (it’s already there) and then search for this podcast and click Subscribe.


More in-depth answer…

There is a purple icon with a picture of a microphone with sound waves around it… and it’s labelled “Podcasts”. That is an app that is ALREADY ON YOUR PHONE! You may not have known it existed, but it’s always been there and it’s impossible to delete (crazy, I know!). From there, you click it and then click the magnifying glass in the lower right hand corner. Search “Extraordinary Moms Podcast.” You will then see several episodes listed and right below that you’ll see the podcast art under the word “Podcasts.” Click on the podcast artwork. That opens up the show. Next to where you see the stars to rate the show (which you should definitely do if you haven’t already), you can click the purple word “Subscribe”. This will allow you to have any new episodes that come out automatically sent to your My Podcasts episode list. You can also download individual episodes by clicking on the cloud with the arrow graphic next to the episode you want. You can also just click on the title and stream it using your data, but if you download it, it will save it in your “Unplayed” list and you’ll know exactly which episodes you haven’t listened to. The Unplayed tab (down in the bottom left corner) lists all new episodes from the podcasts you are subscribed to, or individual episodes you’ve downloaded. The “My Podcasts” tab (second tab from bottom left) lists all shows you’re subscribed to.

In the event that you want to listen to more podcasts than just mine… hahaha… you can search individual podcasts using the magnifying glass or to see what else is out there you can look at the “Top Charts” in various categories (down at the bottom next to the magnifying glass).

Android listeners

You are going to need to download an app from Google Play to listen to podcasts. I like Stitcher, but there are several others (BeyondPod, PodBean). You’ll just need to find the one that works best for you. If using Stitcher, you look up “Extraordinary Moms Podcast” and then click the + sign to add it to your favorites. If you click on the little gear in the upper right corner you can get it to automatically upload new episodes.

What are my favorite podcasts? Here are my top 5:

  1. Serial. Season One of this podcast revisits the case of Adnan Sayed who was convicted of murdering his high school girlfriend. The host goes over the case evidence and provides additional interviews that plant the question in the mind of the listener, “Did this guy really do it?” Very compelling. I haven’t listened to Season Two, but I can highly recommend Season One. And recently, they have been updating Season One with some information about recent stuff going on with Adnan’s new hearing.
  2. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. I stumbled upon this fun podcast when she interviewed an author I love. On each episode she chats with a girlfriend about anything and everything. Sometimes it’s serious and sometimes it’s just fun. After listening, you seriously want to be her friend. I’d love to have her on my show one day.
  3. The Lively Show– Jess Lively is the host and she does a fantastic job interviewing various people, from bloggers, to entrepreneurs, to lifestyle experts. And all her content relates back to living with intention and according to your values. I love that.
  4. Marriage is Funny– Part of why I love this podcast is because I went to college with the hosts, but the other reason I love this podcast is because it’s hilarious, while also being extremely vulnerable and honest about the inner workings of marriage. Gerard and Jesse cover various marital topics, and always leave you feeling like no marriage is perfect, but evenstill, you can still experience great love.
  5. Power of Moms Radio– This was the podcast that got me hooked on podcasts. This is an excellent resource for parents, as they cover a variety of topics and really give you practical insight into how to be a more deliberate mom. I especially love the episodes hosted by April, as you can literally HEAR the smile coming through the speakers. So encouraging.

There you have it. Hopefully now you will be able to listen to the Extraordinary Moms Podcast with ease and also find some new shows to follow as well. Leave a comment and let me know if this was helpful. My tech knowledge is limited, but if I can do it, you can do it. Have a great weekend!

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