Episode 17- Friday Favorites Vol. 11

Oh hey… we’re back with another Friday Favorites episode. In addition, I am happy to announce our very first Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award recipient. We had some great nominations, and I plan to do this every month to give you a chance to share with the world who you think is an extraordinary mom. Wouldn’t you love to be called out for being EXTRAORDINARY??? That’s the idea… to lift each other up.


So our Extraordinary Mom of the Month for February is Robin Smith. Robin was nominated by her friend/niece Kristen. As you’ll hear in the episode, Kristen’s aunt sadly died of a heart condition when she was only 38 years old. She left behind her loving husband and 7 children! Then, her widow met Robin, a divorced mom of four children. When they met online, Robin laughed it off… imagine… 11 children! But, they fell in love and blended their two families. It’s an amazing story of hope, love, and faith. You’ll love my conversation with Robin. She truly is extraordinary!

Now my favorites… I will just do two since I gave the award… and Robin counts as one of my favorites.

1.This quote… “Be gentle with yourself, you’re doing the best you can.” I have this posted above my computer and everyday it reminds me to afford myself the grace I so willingly give to others on a daily basis. As long as we are doing our best, we are doing enough. And best does not mean perfect!

2. Coffee and Crumbs blog. I spoke with Lesley Miller on Episode 14, and she is a contributor for this blog. There are multiple writers who share their thoughts on life and motherhood, and everytime I read an essay I just feel wonderful. They touch on themes that are so relevant to my life and with complete candor, the thoughts they share both glorify motherhood as well as keep it real. I love this essay by Lesley and this one about acknowledging that you’re a wonderful mom (I literally cried while reading it). As a mom, I love finding out about new resources that can inspire me, teach me, and make me laugh. This blog is one of those resources.

I hope everyone has an awesome week and I can’t wait for Tuesday’s episode! I am talking with Janssen Bradshaw of Everyday Reading, and she’ll share how she makes time for reading and her top book recommendations. Get excited!