Episode 2- Parenting a Baby with a Terminal Illness with Jackie Shakespaere


Welcome back, friends. I have another powerful episode for you today. Today I talk with my friend Jackie Shakespaere. Jackie is an extraordinary mom with a powerful, touching story. She will share with us about her challenging upbringing and her journey in parenting ALL boys! She is an example of steadfast faith and hope for a brighter tomorrow. In today’s interivew, Jackie will share her courageous story of her sweet baby Mathis, who at 6 months old was diagnosed with a terminal illness called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). She shares very intimate details about her struggle with getting/staying pregnant, as well as the path she traveled to get a diagnosis for Mathis. Because there is so much to this powerful story, I have split the interview into two episodes. So this first half in Episode 2 is the leadup to finally getting a diagnosis for Mathis and then you can hear the rest of the story about his life after diagnosis in Episode 3. Grab your tissues and a pen. There are so many nuggets of truth in this episode. Enjoy!


Show Notes:

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Jackie’s favorite book series by Janet Evanovich that made her laugh out loud during her time of the Baby Blues.

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