Episode 16- Foster Care with Sarah Paxton


I am so excited to bring you a fascinating interview today, looking into the world of foster care. Today I am talking with my friend Sarah Paxton. Sarah is a Michigan native who got her BA in Journalism. She has four kids – Ava who is 10, Violet who is 8, North who is 5, and Evelyn who is 2. She and her husband Tyler have been married 11 years and have been  licensed foster parents in Michigan since 2013. Sarah shares very openly about her foster care experience, after having 2 brothers placed in her care twice over the course of the past 3 years. The experience definitely had its challenges, but I love Sarah’s perspective about giving these kids a chance at stability and learning to embrace the unknown. She also shares how fostering affected her biological children and what she wants you to know about children in the foster care system. It’s a compelling episode. Regardless of whether you feel called to foster care, the take away from this episode is that we can all do SOMETHING to serve children in need. 


Show Notes: 

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