Episode 21- Adopting Children with Special Needs with Heather Avis


I feel so lucky that this podcast has allowed me the opportunity to connect with moms all around the world, and have meaningful conversations with extraordinary moms I would have never otherwise met. Heather Avis is one of those people. I originally found out about Heather through her Instagram account Macymakesmyday. On this feed, she gives a daily dose of positivity to her followers as she posts pictures and videos of her children, specifically Macy, her daughter with Down Syndrome. In today’s episode, Heather will share with us about her battle with infertility and ultimately their decision to adopt three children, two of which have Down Syndrome. She is so vulnerable as she opens up about adopting a child with significant health challenges and struggling to bond with another one of her children. She offers hope to those who might be facing similar challenges of parenting children with special needs and by the end of the conversation, I feel like I’ve made a new friend. And I know you will feel the same. Enjoy my conversation with Heather.



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This is one of my favorite posts from Heather’s blog speaking to parents of typical children

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