Episode 23- The Bucketlist Family Adventures with Jessica Gee





Social media is amazing, because it can give you the opportunity to look into the lives of people that you would never otherwise meet. When I first started following The Bucketlist Family on Instagram, I was blown away. First, their photos of various places from around the world are amazing. Second, they have two little kids in tow. Third, how did this whole thing start?

So I reached out to Jessica, the mom of the Bucketlist Family, and she kindly agreed to chat with me about their travels on today’s episode. Jessica Gee never dreamed she would set out on an around the world travel adventure with her husband, Garrett, and two children, but she has really learned to love the minimalism, the adventure, and the art of living out of a suitcase. This is a fascinating look into a unique lifestyle that they are embracing as they check places off their “bucket list” and make family memories that will last a lifetime. You may not be in the position to take an around the world trek of your own, but talking with Jessica allows you to live vicariously through them.


Show Notes: 

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