Episode 24- Friday Chat

I’m back! I’ve had so many people reach out to me to bring back Friday episodes. And to be honest, I’ve really missed chatting with you and sharing my own journey and my own heart with you, so here we are. Instead of strictly following the Friday Favorites format, I’ve decided that Friday episodes will just be me sharing what’s been on my mind. Maybe it’s favorites, maybe it’s thoughts on motherhood, maybe it’s an article or book I read, maybe it’s a life moment I want to share. Ultimately, I want the listeners to feel like we just got real and chatted about our life. Motherhood can be isolating, and in case you are in need of some adult conversation, I hope this can fill that need a bit. Then the last Friday of the month I will still feature a Mom of the Month. Hooray!

So today I am chatting about my evolution as a mom, two articles I wrote for Power of Moms, and a sneak peak about next Tuesday’s guest. So I hope you enjoy today’s episode!

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