Episode 32- Friday Chat and Mom of the Month

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you all had a great week. I am exciting to share with you my chat with Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award winner, Jen Bumb, who lives in the Bay Area with her husband and five children (ages 8 and under). Her blog (www.pretenditsadonut.com…. best name ever!) chronicles her journey through motherhood and her favorite healthy recipes to serve her family. What really struck me was the range of food that her kids eat and how down to earth she is. We will talk about how she helped to develop their palates and what she loves best about motherhood. You can also follow her on Instagram.


Also, a reminder that May is Maternal Mental Health Awareness month. Sometimes we ask new moms, “How are you doing?” But that generic question often elicits a generic response, “I’m fine.” I encourage you to ask more specific questions to friends, especially if you feel like they might be struggling. “How are you sleeping?” “How are you eating?” “Do you feel like yourself?” “Are you laughing every day?” Those kind of questions probe deeper and give a mom an opportunity to open up, and they may be just what they need if they are feeling isolated and alone in their struggle. You are already an extraordinary mom, now go be an extraordinary friend!

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