Episode 35- Self-care with Anna Quinlan


Hello friends. Thanks for joining us today for another episode. I hope that the podcast’s focus on Maternal Mental Health this month has been valuable to you. Even if you aren’t personally experiencing mental health challenges, we all know some who has been through them and it’s a hard place to be. Mothering is a challenge in and of itself, so to layer on top of that depression or anxiety… that can literally turn your world upside down. So let’s be there for one another. Let’s ask each other how we are doing. Let’s be an extraordinary friend to those around us who might need us to check in. And if you are in need of that friend, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

Today, I’m talking with Anna Quinlan, a writer and contributor on the site Coffee and Crumbs. She is a mom of two in Sacramento, and today she is going to share her journey of working full-time, to becoming a stay at home mom, and then reevaluating what was truly best for herself and her family. She has realized the importance of self-care and pursuing her own passions, in order to be a better mom and serve her family more joyfully. The major takeaway from this episode is that by taking time for yourself (whether in big or small ways), we can feel like more than “just a mom”… being a mom is such an important job, and it is still possible to dream your own dreams and make time for things that fill your soul. It doesn’t mean you have to go back to work outside the home full-time, but by simply reading a book, painting your nails, taking up a new exercise routine… those are all things that can help us to feel whole and not just depleted at the end of the day.


Show Notes: 

Read her writing at Coffe and Crumbs or on her own site.

The Hardest Mile” article about her marathon and adoption story.

Every Mother Counts organization

Follow her on Instagram.

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