Episode 42- Tips for a Successful Summer with Stephanie Marston

Hi friends! Summer is upon us and you might be someone who is really looking forward to it or you might be kind of dreading it! Either way, I figured we could all use some ideas to help make the summer successful. Stephanie Marston is the summer master, and has really figured out a great balance between having fun and implementing the must-dos. Make sure to check out the links below for all the summer resources we talked about!

Show Notes: 

Check out classes and activities at local libraries, Michael’s Arts and Crafts, YMCA, Rec Centers, local gymnastics centers, Vacation Bible Schools at local churches, etc…

Power of Moms Summer Camp Kit and a great summer ideas podcast

Ideas to consider:

Pick a theme or value of the week to focus on

Write up a summer bucketlist of activities to do with your kids

Have daily themes to give your weeks some structure (“Make it Monday” “Friends Friday)

Have a “Yes Day” where the kids get to dictate the day!

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