Episode 47- Book Club “The Fringe Hours” with author Jessica Turner


I am so excited to bring you another Book Club episode today and feel so honored to be chatting with the author of a book I just loved! Jessica Turner is the author of “The Fringe Hours”, a book encouraging women to care for themselves, utilizing the underrecognized pockets of time that are wasted on any given day. Called a “permission slip for self-care” by some, this book will not only help you reconcile that guilt that some may feel when considering taking time away to care for your own needs, but also give you practical tips on how to find those fringe hours and what to do with them! Self-care should not be just one more thing on the to-do list, but instead should be something we enjoy and look forward to every day. You’re going to love getting to know Jessica!



Show Notes:

Buy “The Fringe Hours

Check out the book website for more info and worksheets

Her blog “The Mom Creative

Book of the Month Club that she LOVES!


Contact Jessica:


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