Episode 61: Getting Noticed at the Pool (and some favorite recipes)

As summer rolled around this year, did you commiserate over it being swimsuit season again? Did you get disappointed that you didn’t lose the 5 pounds you planned on losing? I’ve been there. But let me tell you, this year, I’m not letting my body keep me from living the life I want to live and enjoy every activity that I want to with my kids! I may not be noticed at the pool for my svelte physique… but I can get noticed for enjoying the beach or the pool with my kids! I can get noticed for my huge smile! I can get noticed for being an extraordinary mom. If your swimsuit doesn’t fit, buy a new one. If your jeans don’t fit, buy a size up. Find a way to be comfortable and happy in your skin today. Sure you want to strive to be healthy and fit, but being a certain size does not need to be the barometer for our ability to feel confident.

Segway… did you love Mel’s episode on Tuesday? I love so many of her recipes, but I wanted to link to four of my very favorites that we have on repeat at our house. What are you cooking up this summer?

Chicken Tikka Masala

Two Sauce Lasagna

Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

Honey Lime Enchiladas

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