Episode 79: Decluttering! with Allie Casazza


A few weeks ago, Robin from The Balanced Life, posted an article by Allie Casazza on her website that went VIRAL. Before it even took I off, I had read and shared it thinking, “Yes! Yes to all of it!” It’s all about how having less stuff can be transformative to not only your home but also to your life and happiness. She shares how her personal journey with decluttering affected everything else and how her kids thrived with less THINGS everywhere. I knew I wanted to chat with her about this topic, so I’m thrilled to bring you my conversation with Allie today.

You don’t need to clean out everything at once… start small and gain momentum as you go. See how you feel once things have a place and you get real with what you need or truly enjoy in your home. Let me know your tips for staying organized.




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Show Notes:

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