Episode 92: Life on the Farm with Mary Heffernan

View More: http://wildflowersphotos.pass.us/fivemarys

When I first heard about Mary Heffernan and started following her on Instagram, I knew I had to have her on the show. She went from living the suburban life in the Bay Area to moving out to a cattle ranch with her husband (previously a lawyer) and four young daughters. I had a million questions about the transition and what their daily life looks like on the ranch. And how on earth does she know how to do all that she does from running the family meat business to delivering baby cows to fixing fences? It’s a fascinating look at a life very different to the ones that most of us are living. You’re going to love Mary!


View More: http://wildflowersphotos.pass.us/fivemarys

View More: http://wildflowersphotos.pass.us/fivemarys

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