Episode 93: Holiday Gift Ideas


You guys! The holidays are upon us! Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope it was a meaningful time to reflect upon the blessings in your life, as well as ways to serve and offer blessings to those around you. I love this time of year.

I have always loved gift giving. I love buying things throughout the year that I think might make a great gift at Christmas. The only problem is when I forget I bought it in the first place. Whoops! Even still, gift giving is fun for me. But in the event that you are looking for some ideas for those on your list, or you want some ideas of what to ask for from Santa for yourself, I’ve put together a little list of things I absolutely love! Perhaps something on this list will help answer that dreaded question, “What do I get _____ for Christmas?” All of these items are handpicked by me and I would never tell you I loved something if I didn’t. But thank you to all the companies who sent me products to enjoy. This has been such a fun episode to work on.

Also, scroll all the way down, because you can enter to win a spectacular giveaway made up of several of these items (valued at $300)! You don’t want to miss out!

Ideas for the Kids:


Magformers– Have you heard of these fun toys? We got these for my kids last Christmas and they were a total hit! Usually they request Legos, which is okay, but those thousands of tiny pieces scattered all over my floor kind of deters me from getting yet another set. So Magformers are another way to let them create, without all the little pieces. They are colorful, magnetic shapes that they can build with. Amazon runs great deals on them, so keep your eye open, but here’s a link in case you are ready to take the plunge.


Gathre Leather Mat– So I love the beach while I’m there, but I HATE a sandy car afterward. Inevitably, despite your best effort to shake the sand off your towel, it sticks on there. That’s why I love the Gathre Leather mat. It makes the absolute perfect beach blanket, because there are no groves to trap the sand and you can shake it off and not have that additional sandy mess in your car. It is also perfect for picnics, soccer games, crafts… you name it! It has such a sleek look and comes in multiple sizes and colors. I also love their Micro size for diaper changing. Another mama-run business that I love to support. Good job, ladies! AND… they want to give you 15% off your purchase until Dec 2 (use the coupon code: extraordinarymoms). So hurry over to their site and pick one up now.





Freshly Picked Moccasins– You’ve heard me talk about these amazing shoes before. We love Freshly Picked moccasins. Jackson loves their soft-sole as he is learning to walk and it really helps him to use his toes to grip and gain stability. And my older son Austin loves their hard-soled moccs and calls them his “special shoes.” They come in so many colors and patterns that it’s nearly impossible to choose just one pair. They are literally the only shoes that stay on Jackson’s feet, so they are worth the investment. Check out their new line that just launched recently with Ayesha Curry. So cute!


Sometimes it feels like our kids have so much stuff that we can’t imagine adding more to the mess! That’s why I love giving experiences. We’ve done Disneyland and Sea World passes, tickets to a sporting event, Disney on Ice, museum passes, etc… These are the gift that keeps on giving. Kids love the anticipation and it’s always wonderful to create a memory with your child (without bringing in another toy!). Groupon is a great place to check for ticket deals at great prices. See what’s available in your area!


Ideas for Him:


William Painter sunglasses- Christmas is a great time to get him something he wouldn’t buy himself. Check out these awesome sunglasses from William Painter. This company started in San Diego, making high-end, titanium frames and now have expanded into several different models. Their most unique pair (the Wayfarer) offers a bottle opener on the ear piece, but in case that isn’t your jam, I also love the Hughes (aviators) and the Sloan (Wayfarer style without the bottle opener). They look so cool and are amazing quality. A great gift for the guy in your life! You’ll be proud to have him on your arm! Buy them off of Amazon this weekend and save 10% off with the code: JESS10ZS.


I totally recommend an experience over a tangible item for him, as well. I got my husband a race car/exotic car driving experience a few years ago and it was so much fun. It’s something he would never buy himself, but we loved going down to the track as a family to cheer him on as he did laps in a Ferrari! I actually bought that experience off of Groupon as well. And there are lots of other ideas you can get from there if you scroll through what’s available. I also like doing hotel overnights (it’s really a gift for you too!) and Groupon and Priceline can make it really affordable to do a quick getaway. You don’t have to go far to have a great time!


College or sports gear- You can never go wrong supporting your team!

For Your Dog:


 And you can’t forget man’s best friend at Christmas. This might seem random, but I had to let you know about this amazing dog toy that the whole family will love. It’s called the HurriK9, and it’s the best dog toy ever! If you have a dog that loves to play, this is a must-buy! The HurriK9 launches rings half the distance of a football field and provides all the exercise your dog needs! The kids love chasing after the rings with the dog too! And you’re in luck because they are having special Black Friday pricing through Monday on their website AND you can get an extra 5% off if you use the code: JESS10ZS. Such a fun toy for the whole family! And check out the cool video footage on the site. That keeps my kids wildly entertained while I’m cooking dinner.

Ideas for You or the Ladies in your life:  


Books- How much do you love having a personal book recommendation from a friend? Even better, I love it when they hand me the book they’ve been raving about. So here are three books that I know would be a hit gift for any lady in your life: Present Over Perfect, Left to Tell, and Love Warrior. I also love cookbooks as gifts and often pair them with a kitchen utensil or food item. My favs include Against All Grain (she’s coming on the show soon!) and Kitchen Confidence by Kelsey Nixon.


Made By Mary Jewelry– Last year for Christmas I picked out the most beautiful gold bar necklace that said “Mama” on it (best gift Pete ever bought me!). It is so dainty and gorgeous, and has been the perfect addition to any outfit. After finding that necklace, I started perusing Mary’s Etsy shop and holy cow, I found three more necklaces I had to buy for my mom, mom-in-law, and sister in law. She makes custom jewelry as well as a few stock pieces that are all hand engraved and make you (or the recipient) feel super special. She makes jewelry in gold, silver, and rose gold. I love seeing moms thrive in their businesses and Mary truly impresses me with the products she makes. She is even offering a discount for our listeners!!!! 15% your purchase with the code EXTRAORDINARYMOMS! Get a piece for every lucky lady in your life. They will love you forever!


ThirdLove Bras– This may seem totally random and you may be thinking, I’m not buying anyone a bra! But friends, this is something you may want to add on YOUR Christmas list. How many times have you worn a cheapo bra and totally regretted it at about 3pm? Or not adjusted your sizing pre- or post- baby? We are all guilty of getting into a rut with our undergarments. But let me tell you, if you are looking to upgrade and give yourself some extra support, ThirdLove Bras are amazing! They sent me the Classic T-shirt Bra and the new Wireless Bra…and… WOW! I can tell the difference. I can feel the difference in the comfort level and I can see the difference in my clothes. They are worth every penny and will definitely save you in the long run if you go through cheap bras like I do. Check out their site for practical everyday pieces as well as some “prettier” little numbers:) (Maybe a Christmas gift for him???). And their customer service is amazing. Any bra that has 2,000+ reviews is a winner in my book!


Rodan + Fields Skincare- Anyone else struggling like I am with darkness on their skin from years of skin damage? It’s so depressing and yes I can do my best to cover it up with makeup, but I’d really love to reverse the discoloration. Enter… Rodan + Fields, which prides itself on reversing this very problem. After 90 days of using the multi-step face washing system, I’m sold. First, I love that it feels like I’m really taking care of myself by completing these steps (they don’t take very long, I promise!). Next, the formula is pretty strong they have your ramp up to full usage so it’s lasted me a really long time. And you can definitely see results before running out and having to reorder. There are a wide array of products from this company (sister company of Proactiv) and I have an amazing consultant to point you to and she can hook you up with exactly what you need. Her name is Marissa and she is also a podcast listener! She is even offering to throw in a free Lip Shield with your order. So if you want to make your skin a priority this Christmas, this might be a great gift to ask for. Email her and she can point you in the right direction for your specific needs. Oh, and if you sign up on her Facebook page to join her group, she’s offering some amazing Cyber Monday Deals that are totally worth knowing about.


Lularoe Clothes– I will be honest, I’ve been a little late the the Lularoe bandwagon. Everyone seems to be talking right now about how amazing these clothes are! So I was so excited to try them out, and they did not disappoint. It’s true when people rave over the fabric. It is so soft and everything from the leggings, to the shirts, to the dresses feel like the comfiest things you’ve ever worn. Not to mention, the patterns are so unique and look really special on. I personally love the leggings, the Classic T, and the Amelia Dress. What do you like? If you aren’t already hooked up with a consultant, let me introduce you to Stacie Couch. She’s a long time fan of Lularoe, but a newer consultant, so she’s excited to be making our clothing dreams come true! The awesome thing about Lularoe is that the shopping is done through parties online (most of the time), so you don’t even have to leave your house. Check out Stacie if you want to add some of these awesome pieces to your wardrobe.

This has been so fun sharing my favorites with you. I hope you walked away with an idea or two. Let me know what you think!

And because I am so grateful to all my wonderful listeners, I want to give you a chance to win a box of goodies, including some of my favorite things. The giveaway prize will include:


A pair of Lularoe Leggings ($25), a Hammered Crescent necklace from Made by Mary ($52), a pair of Sloan sunglasses from William Painter ($95), a Micro-dermabrasion Paste from Rodan + Fields ($80), and a set of Magformers ($20), all shippedin a Rumbi Baby Stroller Bag!

How’s that to kick off your holiday shopping?

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