Friday Favorites Vol. 3

Happy New Year! 2016! Can you believe it? I took a week off for Christmas, but now it’s back to business. There are so many things I’m loving lately, but let me narrow it down to my top three:

  1. Power of Moms: I have loved Power of Moms for a long time, and it always baffles me that some people out there don’t know about this amazing resource. This website is a gathering place for deliberate mothers, where there is a vast number of contributors putting content out on a daily basis in the form of articles, classes, podcasts, etc… It’s awesome. My favorite is the podcasts (go figure), because they are great to listen to while multitasking. If you want to start with one I would recommend this one.cornbread2
  2. This cornbread is the Really… it is a tad sweeter than other cornbreads and is perfectly fluffy and delicious. Everything on this blog, Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, is awesome and I pull lots of her recipes for dinner on a weekly basis. She’s a great family cook.
  3. The library. I am in a constant state of wanting to de-clutter my house. Where did all this stuff come from? Seriously… how am I always cleaning out and yet there’s still so much stuff left. Books are one area where we can get a handle on controlling what comes into our home to stay. Libraries are amazing because A) they are free and B) we get to read all the books we want and yet we aren’t adding any clutter to our home! Win win! Libraries also have extensive DVD collections which my boys love and they also offer some great free classes. While book stores may be on their last leg, I hope that libraries aren’t going anywhere!