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Hello, and welcome to the Extraordinary Moms Podcast. I am so thrilled you found us here! As a mom of three little boys, I found myself really enjoying various podcasts I was listening to. I loved getting parenting advice or feeling like I was listening in on the conversations of other women doing interesting things. Motherhood can be an isolating job, at times, and the beauty of podcasts is that it can almost feel like you’ve had a conversation with another adult during the day by the time you’re done listening. I also love that podcasts are a great companion while you are driving, cleaning, doing laundry, working out, etc… As a multi-tasking mom, podcasts quickly became my go-to way to make the mundane tasks of life more enjoyable.

I wanted to start the Extraordinary Moms Podcast because I wanted to record conversations with other interesting and extraordinary moms that I would want to listen to. Every mom’s journey has its similarities, while also being drastically different in the challenges they face and the joys they experience. It occurred to me how much I would love to be a fly on the wall listening to a mom telling her story… the good, the bad, and the amazing! I would love to hear them respond to the tough questions that people might wonder about their situation. I would love to hear how they got through illnesses or significant loss. I would love to hear how they went about achieving their dreams. I would love to hear how they navigated potty training or the teenage years. I would love to hear what kinds of things were helpful to them during a hard time or what people said that made a difference. And most of all, I want mothers everywhere to realize they are not alone. We are all in this together.

Pull up a chair and chat with us. We are glad you are here.

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