The Mom Conference


I am so excited because my favorite conference of the year is almost here. What makes a great conference in my mind?

  1. FREE! Yup, the Mom Conference is absolutely free!
  2. Online! I would love a week away from my kids to soak in new motherhood inspiration, but let’s be real… easier said than done. This conference is entirely online so I can listen to encouraging and informative speakers while in my yoga pants.
  3. Expert speakers. I don’t have a lot of free time, so if I’m going to invest my free hours listening to conference sessions, the speakers better be good. Well, at the Mom Conference, you get to hear from some of the top experts in the parenting field. Some of my very favorite mentors that I often mention on the podcast, like Amy McCready, Dr. Laura Markham, and the Eyres, are all presenting.


So what is this awesome opportunity I’m talking about? The Mom Conference, which is taking place October 11-13, 2016, is an online conference for moms featuring 18 sessions on various topics such as positive parenting, healthy living, values based instruction, and more…

Even if there’s only one session that really sparks your interest (though I am already having a hard time narrowing down which ones I have time to attend), it’s worth signing up for because it’s FREE! You can watch one session or all 18!  I’ve already signed up and I am so looking forward to this exciting conference. I love any opportunity that provides me with new ideas to improve and enhance my mothering. Click here to register today. Who are you looking forward to hearing from?

And if you love the conference, but feel pressed for time, you can purchase the Premium Package following the conference which will allow you unlimited access to all the sessions, plus some free bonus materials. Whoop whoop! That link will be posted soon.

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