Episode 256: Identifying Post-Partum Depression in Yourself When You are a Mental Health Professional with Stefani Reinold

Today my guest is the incredible, Stefani Reinold. She’s a board Certified Psychiatrist, maternal mental health expert, anti-diet and body image specialist, author, speaker, podcast host, Army wife and mother of 2. She’s also the founder of Not the Typical Mom: a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping moms break free from society’s standards, find and embrace who they really are so they can kill it in life, love, and business. Today we are talking about her difficulty with identifying her mental health challenges post-partum despite years of counseling others through the same thing. We talk about identifying you need help, how to get help, and more. It’s so inspiring and you’re going to love it.

Show Notes:

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Check out her new book “Let Your Heart Out

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