Episode 37- Climbing out of Darkness with Lindsay Aerts


Lindsay Aerts is the host of The Mom Show, on KSL Newsradio, and mom to her 19-month-old daughter Lucy. Today, Lindsay and I discuss her struggle with postpartum anxiety and her subsequent involvement in the mental health awareness foundation “Climb Out of the Darkness.” She so vulnerably shares her symptoms and thoughts that drastically impacted her life and how she sought help to overcome her anxiety. For anyone who is pregnant or postpartum, this is a critical conversation to be able to open your eyes to the reality of postpartum mental health struggles. This conversation is also for any moms who have friends who are new moms, and may be struggling in some way. It’s so important to know the breadth of the symptoms and to empower yourself to know when something is wrong and when you need to seek help.

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Show Notes: 

The Mom Show

Climb Out of Darkness SLC

Book recommendation: “Dropping the Baby and Other Scary Thoughts

Website recommendation: Postpartum Progress

The Healing Group

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