Episode 46- Honoring the Extraordinary Dad behind the Emily Effect with Eric Dyches


Happy Father’s day to all the Extraordinary Dads out there! While this podcast may focus mainly on the moms, there are plenty of dads doing incredible work in the lives of their family as well.

So, we’re breaking for tradition here on the podcast and I’m having my first Extraordinary DAD on the show today, and  you’ll see why. Eric Dyches is the husband of the late Emily Dyches, who lost her life after a battle with a postpartum mood disorder. After her passing, he was left to raise 5 kids on his own and to figure out where to go next. He became very passionate about spreading awareness about maternal mental health and started an organization called The Emily Effect. He wants women to know about the resources available to help women in need and to help women everywhere realize that his wife was extraordinary, confidence, capable, and beautiful… but she was not immune to mental illness. No one is. His message is powerful and I’m so thankful that he is courageous enough to share their story.

Show Notes: 

The Emily Effect website

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